Massage menu at Rock Bay Villas
Anti-stress massage
Duration: 55 minutes
Gentle intensive massage for stress relief and restoration of balance with Kozani lavender that moisturizes the skin, relaxes the body and mind. Relieves stress and gives a unique feeling of relaxation.
75 EUR
Deep Tissue massage
Duration: 55 minutes
Intensive full-body massage that relieves muscle pain and reduces stiffness. A powerful experience is especially intended to improve body elasticity and blood circulation.
85 EUR
Duration: 55 minutes
Combination of various gentle intensive massage techniques to relax the muscles using essential oils to your preferences.
85 EUR
Tailor Made massage
Duration: 45 minutes
A personalized experience for all ages. Adapt the massage for your personal needs and wishes.
65 EUR
Back, Neck & Scalp massage
Duration: 45 minutes
Enjoy a highly relaxing head, back and neck massage that relieves tension and daily stress.
65 EUR
Duration: 70 minutes
Deep massage based on Cretan olive oil, raki and orange extracts. Travel back in time using special techniques to achieve rejuvenation and balance of body and spirit.
105 EUR
Duration: 60 minutes
Traditional deep pressure massage with techniques applied in ancient Greece during the Olympic Games and performed by the ancient healers “pedotribes”. This unique deep pressure massage is applied using techniques and methods taken from ancient Greek texts.
105 EUR
Hydrating Face experience
Duration: 45 minutes
The power of Chania avocado and Cretan olive oil in combination with this invigorating facial massage gives you a special feeling of hydration.
70 EUR
Ice Effect Face experience
Duration: 60 minutes
The power of the cold gives a perfectly firm face from the first visit. The blueberry from Drama that is rich in antioxidant properties will give you the shine you are looking for. Restoration of your facial oval firmness.
80 EUR
Hydrating face experience & anti-stress massage
Duration: 100 minutes
The face is prepared with a mild scrub that removes dead cells for better absorption of the nourishing and hydrating serums; in combination with the antistress massage it offers absolute relaxation and rejuvenation.
135 EUR
Cretan herbs experience & aromatherapy or anti-stress
Duration: 80 minutes
Soft and velvety skin from the first application. Cretan herbs of dittany and salvia cleanse, detoxify and stimulate blood circulation; combined with a gentle intensive massage with or without essential oils. A service that offers complete relaxation.
125 EUR
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•   In case of cancellation more than 24 hours before the start of the service, the total amount paid is refunded.
•   In case of cancellation from 24 to 12 hours before the start of the service, 50% of the agreed sale price is refunded.
•   In case of cancellation in less than 12 hours from the start of the service there is no refund.