Tasting and delivery of local wines

Maria Tamiolaki is an oenologist, DNO Bordeaux.
She is a winemaker and wine consultant. Along with her husband Dimitris Mansolas, an engineer agronomist and oenologist, they founded the brand HETERO WINES. Together they produce their own wines around Greece, in different terroirs, following the concept of "gypsy winemaking". They also offer their services as wine consultants to wineries around Greece, where they work in a holistic way including the vineyard management, winemaking and brand management.

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Organization of events

The staff of Rock Bay Villas is always at your service to organize a modest family event or a lavish celebration in the romantic chapel in the territory of the complex. It is a perfect place for wedding, christening and other sacraments

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Services of Greek chefs

The staff of Rock Bay Villas cooperates with the best chefs specializing in Greek and international cuisine. We will help you organize an unforgettable event or a family celebration on the panoramic terrace of the Rock Bay grill area

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Explore awe-inspiring destinations for unforgettable cruises around Crete.

Embark on a new adventure with Rock Bay Villas

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Delivery of fresh pastries, products and goods

The staff of the complex will organize for you the delivery of any necessary products and goods

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Spa service

Massage | Hairdresser | Makeup

Massage menu
Transfer services
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Сar rental

Sales Offer: 30% discount from the indicated prices only for Rock Bay Villas guests. Own Rock Bay Villas car fleet, easy booking, 24-hour support, and Wi-Fi. Pick-up and drop-off are possible at the airport in Heraklion, Port Heraklion, and Rock Bay Villas.

Rock Bay car rental