Rules of staying at Rock Bay Villas

Please read the following rules and conditions for renting the villas. They should be observed in order to avoid any problems leading to a poor-quality and spoiled vacation. These rules are general. Any additional permissions, wishes or restrictions may be negotiated and agreed by the parties. If you break these rules, your booking may get cancelled and your payment and deposit will not be returned.


By booking a villa at Rock Bay Villas, you accept the terms of this agreement. Please do not book a villa if you disagree with the terms and conditions set out below.

The Rock Bay Villas complex is a private property. Therefore, no international standards or star ratings are applicable to it.

Only the Guests listed in the booking confirmation may stay in the complex. No other persons may reside and/or temporarily stay in the villa without the Landlord’s consent. The maximum number of the Guests allowed to stay in a villa is specified in the description to each villa on our website:

1. Renting a villa

1.1. The Guests are required to pay «Climate Crisis Resilience Tax» €10 per villa per day, according to the Greek Law. This amount will be added to the rental price.

1.2. The official check-in time is 15:00, check-out - 11:00. The check-in time shall be agreed at least 48 hours prior to the check-in date. If the Guest’s arrival is delayed or postponed, no money shall be repaid over this circumstance.

1.3. By entering into this agreement, the Guest gives his/her consent to the processing, storage and use of his/her personal data provided.

2. Financial conditions and payment

2.1. The cost of your rent and additional services (if any) will be specified in euros in your booking confirmation.

2.2. Upon receipt of the booking confirmation, the Guest shall pay in accordance with the financial terms and conditions. Should the Guest fail to pay within the specified period, his/her booking will be canceled without any notification.

2.3. Payment: 30% of the rental price shall be paid within 48 hours after receiving confirmation. The final payment shall be made at least 30 days before check-in. If the property is booked less than 30 days before arrival, 100% shall be paid within 48 hours.

2.4. After the Guest’s payment has been received in full, he/she will be automatically sent to his/her e-mail (or in another way specified by the Guest) all the information: general description of the rented property, the list of equipment, check-in and check-out dates, the amount paid, the additional payment (if any), the amount of the security deposit for the safety of the property. This information shall be the official confirmation of the transaction and may be used in the event of any disputes.

2.5. The payment shall be made using a bank card (VISA, VISAELECTRON, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO) or by wire transfer.

2.6. If the booking is canceled within less than 30 calendar days, the penalty shall be 50% of the rental price. If the booking is canceled within less than 14 calendar days, the penalty shall be 100% of the rental price. The guests may be changed, which shall be agreed in advance. A refund will be made if the canceled villa is rented successfully by another client.

2.7. If one of the guests gets ill (in particular, with COVID-19, in which case he/she is prohibited to move anywhere), and a competent medical institution issues a document evidencing the illness, this guest will be provided with a compensation voucher (the details will be specified in the voucher). This rule shall apply, if the other guests use the booking.

3. Jurisdiction

Any disputes that may arise from this agreement shall be resolved through negotiations. If such negotiations fail, the dispute shall be resolved in court in accordance with the laws of the Hellenic Republic.

4. Obligations of the Guests

4.1. It is forbidden to move any furniture, to perform any other actions that may change the decoration of the villa, to change the location of any decorative elements, devices, equipment and mechanisms without the Landlord’s consent. The Guests shall be responsible for the safety of items in the villa and in the complex.

4.2. Upon expiration of the rent term, the Guests shall vacate the villa and hand over to the Landlord the movable and/or immovable property available in the villa in good, original condition.

4.3. The Guests shall reimburse to the Landlord for any damage caused as a result of improper use of the movable and/or immovable property of the complex, unless no deposit was paid for it.

4.4. The Guests shall let the Landlord and/or his/her/its representative or any competent services enter the villa in order to eliminate any accidents or malfunctions at any time.

4.5. The Guests shall let any service personnel to enter the territory of the villa at any time agreed in advance, if their services should be provided (maid, gardener, cook, swimming pool maintenance specialist, etc.).

4.6. According to Greek law, silence must be observed from 23:00 to 08:00.

4.7. It is prohibited to smoke indoors but allowed only in open areas or in special places of the common areas.

4.8. The complex has round-the-clock security and video surveillance. The Guests shall be responsible for the safety of their personal belongings. Therefore, we ask you to keep them in the safe.

4.9.It is prohibited to use glassware in open areas. Each villa has a set of unbreakable dishes for such purposes.

4.10. The Guests may not drive the club-car themselves.

4.11. The Landlord shall not be responsible for any accidents, illnesses or injuries suffered by the Guests during their stay in the complex.

4.12. The Guests shall be fully liable for any actions violating the laws of the Hellenic Republic.

5.The Guests’ rights

5.1. The Guests may live in the villa and use the movable and immovable property available without damaging it.

5.2. The Guests may organize and conduct any celebrations, parties, weddings, receptions or other similar events in the villa after agreeing on the details and obtaining permission from the Landlord in accordance with the laws of the Hellenic Republic. Any type of cooking/catering/chef services and/or any other services may be provided by the team of Rock Bay Villas.

The Rock Bay Villas team wishes that its Guests are satisfied and happy with their stay. Should you face any problems or inconveniences during your vacation, please inform the manager immediately, who is available in the territory of the villas 24/7 and is responsible for the quality of the services provided.

Welcome to Rock Bay Villas!
We wish you bright emotions and unforgettable impressions!